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9th Gen Civics

  • Brakes and Rotors

    Whether you're looking for a competition big brake kit or a performance replacement for your worn OEM brakes, we've got you covered.
  • Coilovers

    We work closely with brands like Fortune Auto, Silver's, and BC Racing to build out custom specs for our customers. Trust the suspension pros.
  • Shifting upgrades

    One of the only mod categories you fully experience with each drive. Adjustable shifters, crisp gearshifts, and beautiful weighted shift knobs await.
  • Mounts

    Reduce your engine and transmission flex by replacing your compliant OEM mounts. Experience a stiffer drivetrain: less wheel hop, smoother shifts.
  • Sway Bars

    Stiffen up your chassis and flatten out that body roll with high performance sway bars. Induce rotation, increase peak grip, inspire confidence.
  • Cold Air Intakes

    Increase the volume of fresh air your engine has access to, and keep IATs cooler with track tested cold air intakes. Caution: may induce happiness.
  • Exhausts

    Free up your exhaust flow while nailing that perfect tone and sound level you've been looking for. Unlock the secret to smiles per gallon.
  • Tuning Devices

    Unlock your build's full potential with a tune that compliments your mods. Off-the-shelf maps make it easy to unleash the power you crave.