XDI 2017+ Honda FK8 Civic Type R High-Flow Direct Injection Fuel Pump

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The fuel pump is one of the biggest barriers to making more horsepower in the K20C1-powered Civic Type R or other direct-injection vehicles. You need to have fuel to make power, and upgrading to a high-flow XDI fuel pump will get your car the fuel it needs, especially when adding upgrades like an MHI Stage 2 Turbo or a Full Race Intercooler Kit.

The XDI FK8 HPFP is designed to increase horsepower in the Civic Type R or other K20C powered turbocharged Honda/Acura without adding the complexity of port injection. It allows you to increase horsepower while still keeping your car 100% direct injection. If you want an increase in horsepower, this fuel pump allows you to do it safely, supporting conservative air-to-fuel ratios even at high boost levels.

This high-flow direct-injection fuel pump is a simple bolt-on installation. Previously this type of fuel pump needed to be run with Motec ECU and engineering support from XDI. Now, you can set up and configure everything with Hondata FlashPro calibrations, further simplifying the process.

Supporting 480-500hp with stock injectors, upgraded Hondata injectors can support 650hp or more with our G series turbo kit.


  • Maximum Rail Pressure: 250bar / 3600psi (+20% over OEM)
  • Housing material: stainless steel, hard-coated aluminum
  • Roughly 36% more capacity than the OEM Bosch pump
  • Springs rated for 7800RPM (OEM rated for only 7200RPM)


  • Fuel compatibility: all fuels and all ethanol blends
  • Electric connector: Bosch compact 2-pin
  • Additional accessories: electric pigtail and hardware
  • Driver profile: XDI, Hondata FlashPro integrated


  • For Hondata users, XDI provides a code with your purchase that will unlock the Hondata XDI HPFP calibration in the FlashPro software.
  • XDI FK8 Fuel Injectors are available by request. Calibration for the XDI injectors is not included with Hondata FlashPro at this time.