TracTuff RBB/ RBC Water Neck w/ 1/8" Bung- V1

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This is essentially an OEM replacement upper water neck for the K24A, K24A2, K20Z3 and K20Z4.

The billet K series water neck flange eliminates the bulky OEM piece with its huge heater core fitting and EGR provision. The RBB/ RBC water neck assembly starts with a beautifully machined 6061-T6 aluminum flange that incorporates the largest port possible within the OEM gaskets footprint, a 1.25" angled tube that mimics the OEM outlet position is welded to the flange. A 1/2" NPT heater port is standard regardless if you plan on using it.

This water neck comes with a 1/8" bung welded on the top.

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