TracTuff R40 Swirl Pot

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This is TracTuff's famous swirl pot, but customized to be as "plug and play" as possible for the R40 (9th gen Si) head. With the unique entry and exit angle of the swirlpot, it is designed to produce a "swirl" of coolant within the pot, helping to prevent all air bubbles from re-entering the cooling system. This can help to improve the cooling of your engine.

With the fill point being at the highest point in the system, this will also help to make "burping" the coolant a breeze as all the bubbles will rise to the top.

The customization includes:

  • Standard coolant hose connection
  • Outlet position close to OEM
  • 1/8" Tank Accessory bung
  • Provided stainless steel nipple fitting "for throttle body coolant feed"
  • 11/16" Heater hose outlet bung
  • "Stubby" hex key to help with installation

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