Motul 5L Synthetic Engine Oil 8100 5W30 ECO-NERGY - Ford 913C

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TYPE OF USE: Fuel Economy Engine Oil, specially designed for recent engines, powered by Gasoline or Diesel engines, turbocharged or naturally aspirated, indirect or direct injection, requiring use of a Fuel Economy low friction and low HTHS (High Temperature High Shear) viscosity oil. Suitable for new technology engines powered with turbo Diesel or Gasoline engines requiring fuel economy lubricants: ACEA A1/B1 or A5/B5 standards. Compatible with catalytic converters. Suitable for all types of fuels: Gasoline, Ethanol, LPG, Diesel and bio-fuels. Before use always refer to the owner manual or handbook of the vehicle. Specially developed in order to meet the most recent technical requirements for FORD Gasoline and Diesel engines when a lubricant satisfying FORD WSS M2C 913 D is required. The FORD WSS M2C 913 D standard allows fully backward compatibility over previous FORD WSS M2C 913 A, 913 B and 913 C specifications. The JLR 03.5003 standard mirrors FORD WSS M2C 913 C specification and covers some of Gasoline and Diesel engines from JAGUAR and LAND ROVER range. Combined to ACEA A5/B5 performance for lubricant, MOTUL 8100 Eco-nergy 5W-30 provides real energy conserving performance (up to 3percent additional fuel economy) in order to meet FORD commitment for CO2 reduction. The 913D specification requires also an extra high oil film resistance for the lubricant to guarantee the viscosity capability over the whole oil drain interval. This characteristic is even more important in the current sustainability context and use of bio fuels such as biodiesel. Specification 913D also includes higher soot handling capacity compare to 913C. Therefore, high temperature resistance and high oxidation resistance are ensured during the whole duration of the oil drain interval and your engine is fully protected. ;RECOMMENDATIONS: Drain interval: according to manufacturers recommendations and tune to your own use. MOTUL 8100 Eco-nergy 5W-30 can be mixed with synthetic or mineral oils.