Acuity Instruments Battery Relocation Tray for the 9th Gen Civic Si

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  • This tray allows the battery to be relocated right above the transmission to allow clearance for things like intake piping.
  • Lower frame is made from rigid, durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Upper tray is riveted in place and made from lightweight, anodized aluminum
  • Tray mounts rigidly to transmission mount
  • Battery ground connection point on tray frame allows easy ground mounting and excellent ground continuity

Due to popular demand, we are making this battery tray from our Curl Control intake system available separately. This battery tray moves the battery directly above the transmission. It's a great option for anyone looking to install a custom or aftermarket short-ram intake or cold air intake in their car. The tray mounts to the 3 bolts that affix the transmission mount to the chassis. The tray is covered in a lot of great features. For corrosion resistance, the lower portion is thick stainless steel and the upper portion is anodized aluminum. The lower portion of the bracket is made from 4mm stainless steel plate, nearly twice as thick and strong as competing designs. The tray features slots to affix a battery tie-down to and an integral battery ground mount so that you can get an excellent ground connection, which is critical for consistent cold-starts.

Also featured are mounts to hold our MAF extension (sold separately as SKU 1891-MFEX), and a zip tie point to fasten any other wiring extensions. The upper aluminum section also features laser-etched markings to help denote battery orientation and the various mounting points on the tray.

If you are using the stock charge harness to connect to your battery when using this kit, you will need to either cut and extend your battery sensor harness (2 small wires), OR you can purchase our battery sensor extension harness (SKU 1891-BSEX) that's plug and play with the OEM sensor and harness and just the right length to reach with this tray. Click here for more info on that harness.

Compatibility List
  • 2012-2015 9th Gen Honda Civic Si*

*Compatibility Notes:

  • Will not work with the OEM airbox. A CAI intake, short ram, or similar will be required
  • Works with OEM and Hasport engine mounts; Hasport mounts will require modification for use with this tray
  • Will not work with Innovative engine mounts
  • Works with OEM size battery; larger batteries may have fitment issues
  • If using stock charge harness, you must extend the 2 battery sensor wires or use our 1891-BSEX plug and play extension harness.