Acuity Instruments 1-Way Adjustable Shifter 2006-2011 Civic

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Robust enough for the track, Refined enough for the street:

Easily the most capable 8th Gen Civic shifter ever developed, the beauty of the ACUiTY 1-Way Adjustable Performance Shifter is due to the careful attention to detail and rigorous testing that went into its nearly 1.5-year design process. The result of this design effort is a shifter that is equally at home in anything from a mildly modded street car to a purpose-built race car. The shifter's unique triple-spherical architecture and divorced spring design lend it a confidence-inspiring shift feel in a form factor that still fits under the factory console. Shift knob height is adjustable within a 30mm (1.2") range. Gear throw is reduced 30%-45%* compared to the stock shifter, and gate spacing is reduced 20%-35%* compared to the stock shifter. The shifter's frame is built from a careful combination of aluminum and stainless steel to improve rigidity while being mindful of weight. Two PTFE-lined precision spherical bearings ensure smooth shifting with minimal friction and great long-term wear resistance. Centering is quick, decisive, quiet, and consistent, compliments of a thick, over-wound centering spring, cushioned spring legs, and re-engineered spring architecture. The centering force at the knob is 100% more than the stock shifter on the 8th Gen Si and Type R.

Works with all M10x1.5 and OEM Honda/Acura shift knobs.

*The tallest height setting will yield the longest throw and widest gate spacing. The shortest height setting will yield the shortest throw and narrowest gate spacing.

What to Expect:

Expect a significantly different and more sporty shifting experience, even when compared to our Stage 1 shifting kit and other aftermarket 8th Gen Civic shifters. This is not just another short shifter; it was carefully engineered to provide an incredibly satisfying, precise shifting experience above and beyond anything previously available. At first, it may take some time to adjust to the extreme reductions in throw and gate spacing, as well as the stiffer centering action, but in a short while, you will find the shifter's precision, short throws, narrow gates and snappy centering making every driving experience an opportunity to put a smile on your face. You will likely find that the improved precision will lead to more confidence in quick shifts and more consistent shifting in general. Because the shifter is made from much stiffer materials than the stock shifter, shifts will feel more rigid, defined, and confidence-inspiring during spirited drives. The discerning driver will notice more feedback from the gearbox compliments of this rigid construction; this can be useful in determining the quality of your footwork on the clutch and shift timing. The exact ratio of throw distance to gate spacing is a very personal matter; take advantage of the adjustments to make the H-pattern perfect for you. We recommend starting with the height adjustment initially set to its tallest setting; once you've adjusted to that shift feel, reduce the height (which will also reduce throw and gate spacing) to suit your driving style perfectly.

Expect a brief break-in period of 2-4 weeks of daily driving, where the shifter's internal friction will reduce and level out. You'll notice during this period that shifts become a bit easier than when the shifter was initially installed. This happens because the freshly installed bearings are burnishing themselves. Once this process is complete, internal friction will level out and provide a consistent shift feel for years to come.

Adjustment Specs

  • Adjustable Shift Knob Height with 30mm (1.2") range. Adjusts between 15mm taller and 15mm lower than stock on '06-'08 Civic Si's. Adjusts from stock height to 30mm lower than stock on '09-'11 Civic Si's. Adjusts from 10mm to 40mm lower than stock on the '07-'11 FD2 and FN2 Civic Type-R.