TPS & MAP Wiring Pigtail for Honda and Acura K-Series Engines

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Get your wiring harness looking new again!

Did you order an engine, just to find it had a damaged wiring harness? Or perhaps a tool slipped and damaged your TPS or MAP connector while you were doing your last mod or maintanance. At any rate, the good news is we supply an OEM-quality pigtail that will solve your problem. These pigtails come pinned, crimped, and wired for easy installation into your wiring harness. The wires are even pre-stripped. Simply remove the split insulation protecting the ends of the 3 wires, solder to your existing harness, and heat shrink the solder joint.

  • Accords 2002-2005
  • Civic 2001-2005
  • TSX 2004-2005
  • RSX 2002-2006