CNC Cut RBC Manifold (Coolant deleted)

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The RBC manifold is a great manifold for making power, however the factory design of the manifold has boiling hot coolant running through the conductive aluminum casting. This results in the entire manifold turning into a heater for your intake air. Hot air kills power gains, so a water bypass is very beneficial for any bolt-on or turbo setup.

We use only brand new OEM Honda RBC Manifolds in the making of these kits, and are CNC machined and bead blasted (machined surface) in-house.

What's included:

  • CNC Cut RBC Manifold
  • PTFE Thermal Intake Manifold Gasket

Optional (But HIGHLY recommended):

Note: This manifold will NOT work with a PRL adapter kit. This will only work with a coolant bypass + with an appropriate fitting gasket.