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Tein Super Racing Coilovers (13-19 86/BRZ/FRS)


Tein Super Racing Coilovers (13-19 86/BRZ/FRS)

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Tein Super Racing coilovers for the Scion FRS / Subaru BRZ are designed for adjustability and durability on the racetrack. These are ready for competition use and feature mono-tube shocks, full-length ride height adjustment, and separate compression and rebound force adjustment. Compression is adjustable 16x and rebound is adjustable 16x, making for 256 different settings. Use of a specially shaped needle valve enables linear damping force adjustment at each and every 16 levels. The system is also compatible with Tein's EDFC for in-car adjustment. The Tein Super Racing dampers are an excellent track setup for those looking for a reliable, consistent suspension with infinite adjustability. We highly recommend that you know what you are doing when purchasing these, as they require a large amount of adjustment to be properly setup. When you do set them up, you will understand the value in top of the line coilovers.


Spring Rate (R): 671lbs/in (12kgf/mm)
Ride Height Adj Range (R): -1.0~-2.3in (-25~-59mm)
Spring Rate (F): 559lbs/in (10kgf/mm)
Ride Height Adj Range (F): -1.0~-2.0in (-25~-52mm)
Uppermount: PillowballUppermount

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