Tanabe Revel Touring Coilovers - 2013+ FR-S / BRZ / 86

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Revel Coilovers by Tanabe are for those who value comfort as well as performance. Revel has developed a winning formula with these coilovers - coilovers that handle incredible, completely transform how your car handles, yet have one of the best ride qualities of any coilover on the market!

Every aspect of the Revel coilover systems are designed to give you incredible handling and adjustability, but with the best quality components so that the performance comes with a comfortable ride. Excellent for those who daily drive their car and want the most performance possible without giving them a migrane every time they drive.

These coilovers are also designed to give you a large range of height adjustability, with some of the lowest settings possible of any coilover on the market. So for those who want the ability to have an extremely low ride height, while having the best balance of dampening force and spring rates, the Revel Coilover kit is right for you.

Revel Coilovers Feature:

  • 32 Way Adjustability
  • Upper Mounts with Camber Kits (where suspension design allows)
  • Low friction thrust washers
  • Perfectly balanced spring rates for performance and ride quality
  • Monotube Dampers with increased oil capacity for fast reacting dampening force
  • Unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship
  • 8k Spring Rate Front and Rear