Perrin Adjustable Sway Bar (Rear 16mm) - 13+ FRS / BRZ / 86

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Stiffen up your chassis with Perrin's adjustable rear 16mm swaybar.

Size: PERRIN Swaybars come in four different sizes; 19mm, 22mm and 25mm. Driving enthusiasts will enjoy the feel of a 19mm bar while the more race- oriented drivers will like the rigidity of the 22mm and 2mmm options

Adjustability: PERRIN Swaybars incorporate multiple end link mounting holes which allow for a customizable experience. The adjustability allows you to fine-tune your handling, whether it be track or street oriented.

Centering Rings: PERRIN Swaybars features centering rings that prevent sway bar movement in hard cornering. This keeps your sway bar centered and ready for the next corner.

Construction: PERRIN Swaybars are CNC precision bent from solid 4130 chromoly steel. The entire bar is heavily powder coated to fight corrosion and give it a great red finish. We laser cut and MIG weld our bar ends for precise placement and superior strength. This type of bar end will never fail and offer you a lifetime of superior handling.


  • Made from 4130 chromoly steel
  • Heavily powder coated


  • Offer a lifetime of superior handling
  • Keeps your sway bar centered and ready

What's In The Box?

  • 1 - PERRIN Rear Swaybar
  • 2 - OEM Rear Swaybar Bushings
  • 1 - Energy Suspension Grease Packet
  • 1 - PERRIN License Plate Frame