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Mishimoto Racing Thermostat (00-09 S2000)


Mishimoto Racing Thermostat (00-09 S2000)

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Note: Doesn't work with 16" Rims

P1 Racing Rear Extended Ball Joints by Buddy Club. Quantity: 2 per Pack. Front P1 Racing Extended Ball Joint by Buddy Club. The Buddy Club P1 Racing Extended Ball Joint is manufactured with quality and crafsmanship. By extending the ball joint of the lower control arm, the Buddy Club P1 Racing Ball Joint raises the roll canter and brings it closer to the center of gravity, thus increasing the vehicles roll stiffness and eliminating any unwanted side effects to the vehicles suspension geometry. The ball joint dust boots are sturdy, snug and will withstand heat along with the rigors of racing much better than your factory dust boots. The castle nuts are also strong and will not strip.

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