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Makspeed 400WHP Turbo Kit Bundle (12-15 Civic Si)


Makspeed 400WHP Turbo Kit Bundle (12-15 Civic Si)

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This setup consists of a Makspeed turbo kit, Deatschwerks EV14 1000cc injectors, Deatschwerks 65c fuel pump, and an Action Clutch stage 3 clutch kit. The injectors come with plug and play clips to further ease installation. The Action Clutch kit comes with their flywheel which is needed to install the clutch since no clutch kits work with our stock flywheel. If you do not have Hondata, that is all you need besides this package to be plug and play and ready to make some power! Hondata can be found on our website.

Makspeed turbo kit info:

This is the best "bang for your buck" 9th Gen Civic Si turbo kit. We have customers making up to 350whp/309wtq on 7.5psi using the standard Comp 6062 journal bearing turbo! We also have customers making over 400whp on the stock motor with ease turning boost up to 10-11psi. Should you eventually want to build your motor, we also have made up to 600whp on this kit. (And there is more room to grow after that!)

* This Makspeed setup utilizes a Spearco intercooler core which has shown to be efficient beyond 550hp

* It utilizes a Turbosmart Comp Gate 40 EWG

* It utilizes a Synapse BOV

* The intake, turbo manifold, dumptube, downpipe, intercooler piping, etc is fabricated in California by Makspeed.

* We ship all Makspeed kits with Comp 6062jb turbos standard. This is the most efficient turbo for our stock motor - it retains fast spool while making great power at lower boost levels with room to grow.

* This kit retains the stock battery location.

* Please notify us whether or not you are using the stock intake manifold or an RBC swap.

*Entire kit takes a minimum of 8 weeks to get as everything's fabricated to order!


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