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Ktuner V1.2 w/ ECU Unlock (17+ Type R)

Ktuner V1.2 w/ ECU Unlock (17+ Type R)

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We’re happy to announce the Civic Type-R KTuner release!

Unlocking needs to be scheduled, as there is a limit to the amount of ECUs we can get done in a day.

The process for this is simple. Order this item make sure to print and fill out completely a copy of the ECU Submission Form. This form is located at HTTP://WWW.KTUNER.COM/GUIDES/KTUNERTYPER.PDF

Once your order is placed and the form is filled out, submit the form along with your order number and contact details directly to INFO@KTUNER.COM and they will schedule directly with the customer to have the ECU sent in at a time that suits them.
If you have purchased a V1.2 or V2 separately then you must arrange and pay for unlocking directly to KTuner. Do not order through this site. You will also need to include your unit with the ECU when sending it in.
Additional info can be found on the application page for Civic Type-R here:

How long will it take to get my ECU back?

We will be able to get all scheduled incoming ECUs out the same day they’re received.

How will we be rolling it out?
We’ve seen how enthusiastic the market is about tuning options coming and we expect the first few weeks to be something close to overwhelming.

  • We will be scheduling ECU shipments with everyone in an effort to have minimal downtime for everyone sending their ECUs in and to prevent getting backed up.

Who will be supported?

  • We plan to support not only all FK8s worldwide, but also FK2 owners as well.
  • This week we are rolling out support for United Stated Type-R owners.
  • We are beginning to train a dealer in Canada who will be able to perform unlocks for the Canadian market. We hope to launch support for Canada in the upcoming weeks.
  • We already have dealers established who will be unlocking for regions in Europe and regions in Asia once we’re ready to release for those markets.

What tunes will be included?

  • We are launching with a stage 1 tune adding 20whp, more in the low-midrange, and 60wtq.
  • 91+ Octane required.
  • Our stage 2 is already in development.

Can I get custom tuning done?
Much like we launched the 1.5T, there will be limited access to change settings in our initial staged tunes, but we will be including additional access with starter maps as we publish tuning information and train our dealers on this new ECU platform. Of course we’ll also be including quick adjustments in our starter maps as well, just like the 1.5T platforms!

Flash back to factory or between tunes at any time!

Dyno Results:

Stage 0:
20whp, 35wtq

Stage 1:
50whp, 65wtq

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