KSport Kontrol Plus 2 Way Coilovers (00-09 S2000)

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Ksport's Kontrol Plus 2 Way coilover System provides the ultimate in adjustability for enthusiasts and professionals alike, who are wishing to have the maximum in performance and durability. With years of engineering, testing and development, the Kontrol Plus 2 Way coilover System has been perfected in virtually every facet of motorsports, ranging from drifting to time attack or circuit driving. The uncompromising range of adjustability on the Kontrol Plus 2 Way coilover System makes it possible to win at the track, yet drive daily on the street as well.

The key component to the Kontrol Plus 2 Way coilover System is its utilization of remote reservoirs that provide separate adjustments for rebound and compression, as well as nitrogen gas pressure. With over 864 possible settings provided by each Kontrol Plus 2 Way coilover System, it is possible to leave no stone unturned in the quest for ultimate performance from your vehicle's suspension system. In addition to adjustability, the added oil capacity provided by the remote reservoirs increase the system's ability to dissipate heat, which leads to improved performance over long periods such as endurance or tarmac racing, in addition to consistent performance throughout long heat cycles. These features, paired with 55mm monotube shocks, ensure maximum durability and consistent performance.

A variety of external hardware components are available on the Ksport Kontrol Plus 2 Way coilover System to completely customize the system to your vehicle. When fitting this kit to your vehicle, upper mounts are available in rubber form, pillowball or Ksport's award winning advanced pillowball mounts that offer camber and caster adjustment. Each Ksport Kontrol Plus 2 Way coilover System has been dyno tested individually, and the results are included (if requested) with the system at the time of purchase to aid in coilover tuning.

  • External Reservoirs: 864 possible settings provided by each Kontrol Plus 2 Way coilover System, it is possible to leave no stone unturned in the quest for ultimate performance from your vehicle's suspension system.

  • Damping Adjustments: Kontrol Plus 2 way coilover offer 36 levels of damping adjustment via the top of the assembly and an additional 24 levels of nitrogen adjustments via the bottom of the reservoir.

  • 6061 with T6 Aluminum collars and upper mounts: Our spring perches, locking collars, top mounts and some lower mounts are made from high quality 6061 aluminum. Benefits include excellent strength and lightweight components.

  • Adjustable Lower Mount Allowing For Maximum Suspension Travel: Most of our applications allow for the ability to adjust your ride height without affecting the shock & spring travel. This way you can go as low as you please without having to worry about bottoming out the shock. The exception to this would be vehicles with separate spring and shock set ups in the rear.

  • Camber Adjustment: Most of our applications for vehicles with McPherson type suspension will have the ability to adjust camber via the top mounts. This is extremely helpful when you need to dial in your camber for reduced tire wear or add more negative camber to aid in aggressive wheel and tire fitments.

  • Pillowball Top Mounts For Increased Steering Feel: Many applications have pillowball top mounts. Our patented new bearing design helps combat noise while turning unlike many other systems on the market. Steering feel and response is also improved.

  • Monotube High Pressure Design Reduces Oil Leakage: All Ksport coilovers use Monotube shocks which dissipate heat better, allows for finer damping adjustment and requires a more expensive design process compared to twin tube shocks.

  • Electroplated Body For Added Protection From Corrosion and Rust: To help prevent corrosion and rust from the element, all of our shock bodies are electroplated with zinc. We also supply an additional anti-rust paste packet which adds even more protection to other parts of the coilover.

  • Dust Boots: Dust boots are standard on all coilovers. We also integrate the bump stop inside the dust boot. This is more efficient and is less likely to crumble to pieces and deteriorate like other company's designs.

  • Adjustable Spring Perch For Height Adjustment: Some vehicles have a separate rear shock and spring. In the coilover industry we call the kits for this type of vehicle a "hi-low kit". In this case you will have height adjustment via the spring perch and the lower mount of the shock.

  • 12 Month Limited Warranty: Our warranty is 12 months from the original date of purchase which covers manufacturer defects.

  • Spring Rates:
    • Front: 16K
    • Rear: 12K