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K Series Upgraded Detent Springs (Various)

K Series Upgraded Detent Springs (Various)


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Tired of the soft and flimsy "click" when shifting into gear? Well, your soft factory detent springs are the culprit!

The K series shift forks use a ball and a detent spring to help keep your shifter in gear, along with the help of the synchro springs. Unfortunately, the factory detent springs are very soft and lack feedback when you make a gear change. With our detent spring upgrade, every gear shift will have a slightly more tactile "click" into gear, and help it stay in gear.

The springs are a direct replacement over the stock ones, simply replace the factory springs with the upgraded springs and you'll feel the difference. (Picture shows our springs on the left, and OEM springs on the right)

Every order of these springs comes with (3) upgraded detent springs. New crush washers are highly recommended, which is why we offer the option of including a set of OEM Honda crush washers (3) with your purchase of springs.


Our springs are custom made, from high quality stainless steel and are covered under LIFETIME warranty against any manufacturing defects. Although installation is fairly simple, professional installation is still recommended.






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