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HKS HiperMax 4 GT Coilovers (00-09 S2000)


HKS HiperMax 4 GT Coilovers (00-09 S2000)

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HKS HiperMax 4 GT Coilovers

Threaded collars and adjustment nuts feature PNE coating. Proving to be 5 times more durable than anodizing this coating will prevent debris build after use allowing easy ajustment through miles of abuse.

Adjustable lower mounts allow you to dial in corner height and adjust ride height without sacrificing all too important spring tension to maintain excellent handling and ride quality.

Required adjustment tools included as well as cables for in trunk adjustments if needed.

Technical Features:

  • Monotube design promotes accurate, stable control of dampening adjustment
  • 30 step progressive dampening adjustment covers daily driving to circuit racing
  • Revised needle to optimize dampening regardless of piston speed for improved ride quality
  • Dust boots on all models to avoid shaft damage caused by debris
  • Aluminum parts used whenever possible to reduce unsprung weight
  • HKS formulated shock oil to provide consistent dampening and viscocity through heat cycles
  • Inverted front piston design for increased road feedback and better steering response
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