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HKS GT Supercharger System Kit (00-07 S2000)


HKS GT Supercharger System Kit (00-07 S2000)

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With F1 level piston speed and super high rpm characteristics, the S2000 is a great representation of Japanese sports cars. This kit has been designed to try and compliment these characteristics and deliver more power as the engine rpm increases creating a forced induction system that those who love Honda engines will agree with.

Smooth torque delivery leads to ease of use which makes the HKS GT Supercharger a great match for the engine. We would like those who want more power but feel resistance to forced induction on a Honda to experience this setup which has acceleration feel reminiscent of a tuned NA engine

  • S/C Unit
  • S/C Oil Parts
  • S/C Fitting Parts
  • S/C unit Pulley
  • Belt
  • Suction Pipe
  • Intercooler
  • Intercooler Pipe
  • Relief Valve
Fuel Upgrade Kit
  • With GT S/C Pro Kit you can have more than 300ps and 30kgf・m
  • Large Volume Fuel Pump
  • Large Volume Injector
  • Restrictor
Flash Editor
  • The data is pre-installed for Flash Editor for AP2 if used GT Supercharger kit and Fuel Upgrade kit together. Its very reasonable and easy to install.
  • Kit does not have control device, you need separate device.
  • Injector (Stock injector volume is insufficient to bring out full supercharger performance)
  • Spark Plug: HKS Super Fire Racing M45i or higher
  • Engine oil with high temp grade of over 40 should be used
  • Clutch should be changed to one of higher torque capacity
  • When fitting front mount intercooler, The stock air guide and under cover require small modification for pipe clearance.
  • If using HKS Flash Editor S/C data: HKS Fuel upgrade kit must also be fitted
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