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Hawk Performance

Hawk LTS Light Duty Rear Brake Pads (00-09 S2000)


Hawk LTS Light Duty Rear Brake Pads (00-09 S2000)

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Engineered By Truck Brake Pad Experts
At Hawk Performance, we understand that traditional car brake pad technology just doesn’t cut it on today's trucks. This is especially true if you haul heavy payloads or trailers. Install our LTS brake compound and dramatically improve your truck's stopping power and fade resistance. Additionally, Hawk Performance LTS compound will out last the competition in terms of rotor and pad wear.

What Makes Us The Truck Experts?
For over forty years, we have developed and supplied friction solutions for some of the largest trucks on the planet. Our products are utilized by both OE and aftermarket companies servicing the mining, construction, Military and commercial truck markets. We have utilized this technology and combined it with Aerospace design quality to develop the ultimate onhighway truck and SUV specific friction material.

Key Features

- Designed for large brake systems found on full-size trucks
- Engineered using technology from Fleet & Military applications
- Ferro-Carbon friction material delivers more braking power and fade resistance than OE pads
- Low dust
- Excellent pad and rotor life
- Virtually noise-free
- Ideal for import and domestic full-size trucks, vans and SUV's (1/2 ton) with moderate towing and hauling duty

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