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GReddy High Grade Supreme SP 3" Exhaust (17+ Type R)


GReddy High Grade Supreme SP 3" Exhaust (17+ Type R)

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The legacy of the GReddy SP lives on with GReddy’s best version yet, the Supreme SP and to prove it carries a limited lifetime warranty! From the 1st flange to the new double-wall GReddy Tip, each Supreme SP system features a high-quality, hand Tig-weld 304 stainless-steel outer construction. Within the muffler, new straight-through and directed- straight-though chambered muffler designs allow GReddy to engineer a more refine exhaust note while increasing exhaust flow and performance. Classic GReddy street performance styling is maintained with excellent fitment and a stylish exhaust system layout. The Supreme SP not only designed to perform and sound great for each specific application; it matches the vehicle’s body-lines and styling.

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