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Function Werk

Function Werk CATTED Front & Downpipe Combo (17+ Type R)


Function Werk CATTED Front & Downpipe Combo (17+ Type R)

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Function Werk has just released a race & street performance front pipe options for the 2017+ Civic Type-R to improve performance and exhaust flow! In consideration for heat protection, both the Race & Street Performance pipe combos were engineered with brackets to retain the factory OEM shielding. Street version features polished finished pipes.

Function Werk's Front Pipe was engineered for tuners, featuring an extra bung for wideband purposes/use. The bung will come plugged and can be removed with a 10mm Hex for immediate use. Bolts have also been welded onto the catback side of the front pipe to ensure ease of installation, as work space is very limited in this area.

All FW products are made with the highest quality 304 stainless steel. They are also welded with the highest craftsmanship for durability and deburred after the welding process, oriented for true performance. 

Without a tune, gains of 7hp and 24tq have been achieved with the Race front and downpipe combo. FW parts have also enabled for higher peak torque to be achieved around 600 RPM earlier than stock and around 200 RPM for peak horsepower. Numbers may vary slightly due to variations in factors and variables during time of testing.

This street version comes with an integrated 200-cell high flow cat front pipe. Both pipes feature 3" diameter piping.

Weight savings come in at around 3.4lbs. The street performance pipe combo is 18lbs; factory pipes weigh in at 21.4lbs.

Vehicle applications: 2016+ Civic Type-R FK8

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