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DeatschWerks 165LPH Fuel Pump (06-09 S2000)


DeatschWerks 165LPH Fuel Pump (06-09 S2000)

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  • The DW100 pump was engineered with a focus on low NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness), and long life. These goals have been achieved by creating a new pump motor with a computer-balanced armature, and very low amperage draw. The specially balanced armature decreases noise by 14% over the already quiet DW200 in-tank pump. Furthermore, the low amperage draw (4.2 amps at 40psi, 13.5 volts) generates less heat and significantly increases brush and commutator life. These features have culminated in a pump motor built to last a lifetime and the DW100 is accompanied by a lifetime warranty to back up the claim.


    • Flow rate of 165LPH (40psi, 13.5v)
    • Ethanol compatibility (e5, e10, and e25 blends)
    • Composite turbine impeller for quiet and efficient operation
    • Computer balanced armature for low NVH
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • Application specific fitment kits
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