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CP Carrillo

Carrillo PRO-H Rods (04-09 S2000)


Carrillo PRO-H Rods (04-09 S2000)

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CP Carrillo 04-09 S2000 PRO-H Connecting Rods With Bolt Style: WMC

The stoutest beam configuration available. It is capable of handling the most abusive forces in an engine.

CP-Carrillo offers over 500 shelf parts from the Sport Compact shelf line with a wide range of sizes for the most popular engine types. Every rod is designed through extensive research and development with the support of some of the biggest names in motorsports. Connecting Rods are are available of the shelves with H-11 Tool Steel or Multiphase CARR fasteners. All of our products represent the highest quality and are engineered for maximum power.

CP-Carrillo employs fasteners designed by CP-Carrillo. We employ two different materials: H-11 tool steel (220,000 UTS) as well as Multiphase TM (285,000 UTS). All our fasteners employ a patented thread design as well as the highest dimensional integrity in the industry. Each lot is sample tested destructively for both ultimate tensile strength as well as fatigue.

Be Oil Squirters
This oil hole in the Big End neck allows pressure fed oil to squirt up to the piston and rod Pin End for additional cooling and improved lubrication. This option can be considered for engines without oil squirters.

To provide flexibility for a rod with different bearing configurations or for rods that required double bearings.

A radial groove in the pin end.

The arc grooves guides oil from the 10 & 2 oil holes towards the 6 o'clock position of the PE. Since the grooves are running out before reaching the 5 & 7 o'clock position, the full bearing surface under compression load is effective.

The big end pocket relieves peak stresses at the 12 o’clock position of the big end bore and also reduces weight.

In addition to our well known standard proprietary blend of steel, Carrilloloy, CP-Carrillo offers Aluminum for select applications. We constantly research and test potential materials to improve product offerings.

The dowel pin is the alternative option to ring dowels for locating the rod cap. It allows the bolts to be positioned closer to the big end bore for improved big end stability and allows for increased rotation clearance. However, this design is less robust in assembly and disassembly than the standard ring dowel.


  • Set balanced to + or – 1 gram
  • Most available in A, SA or H- Beam Style
  • Taper or Straight blade
  • Available with CARR or WMC fasteners
  • Laser Engraved Job Number for ease of traceability
  • 100% Magnaflux inspected
  • Fully Machined
  • USA Made
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