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Buddy Club

Buddy Club Short Throw Shifter (16+ Civic)


Buddy Club Short Throw Shifter (16+ Civic)

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Make all your shifts very short and precise. The Buddy Club shifter enables smooth and notch free engagement. Experience throws that are much shorter than stock.

The Buddy Club Racing Spec Shifters are manufacturered using as few separate pieces as possible to ensure high strength with no compromises and possibilities of failure. Our shifters are constructed out of high-strength forged steel, and provides the perfect "feel" that every racer needs to best communicate with the car.


  • Require no modification to your current shifter
  • Buddy Club short shifter system completely replaces your whole stock shifter assembly
  • 40% reduction in shifter throws distance
  • Simple drop-in installation (Requires less than an hour for installation time)

Works on all Civic manual 10th gen cars, including Type R

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