Buddy Club Racing Spec Coilovers (12-15 Civic)

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The Buddy Club Racing Spec Damper was developed based on the data collected from both actual race cars and the high-performance street cars. Depending on different applications, adequate spring rates, damping force adjustment, and enough damper stroke were all put in to consideration to create one of the best available and most balanced suspension systems for the drifting and circuit enthusiasts alike.

Spring Rates 2012-2015 Civic Si

  • front: 10K
  • rear: 14K

Spring Rates 2006-2011 Civic Si

  • front: 12K
  • rear: 8K


All Strut type Suspensions use Inverted Shocks for More Horizontal Stability. Because strut type suspensions absorb the shock directly from the road, it requires a high strength design. Buddy Club utilizes the inverted shock design for its high durability. The inverted shock tubes are manufactured with corrosion free chrome plated steel.

  • 15 Way Compression/Rebound Adjustment.
  • 15 different settings are possible with just a simple click on a knob.
  • Inverted shocks have the adjusting knob on the top of the shaft. The others have the knob on the bottom of the shell case.

The basic compression (softest setting) offers excellent comfort for daily street use of the suspension kit. About 4kg/mm spring rate increase is expected with the damping force set to all the stiffest settings. You can essentially run these race specs on the softest setting to daily drive and turn it up quickly for mountain carving or track duty.

Mono Tube Design Shell Case.

All Racing Spec Damper uses the mono tube design shell case instead of an inferior ordinary cartridge type. It also features inverted mono tubes for added strength and consistency in performance under extreme abuse.

Spring Seat, Lock Seat

This aluminum material spring seat/lock seat will let you adjust the height 2mm for every one full complete turn. By using the preloadable adjusting bracket it is now possible to change the spring pre-load without changing the vehicle height.

Pillow Ball Upper Mounts

Steering response will be dramatically improved by adding upper pillow ball mounts instead of the factory rubber bushing. Aluminum upper mounts will let you adjust the camber on every strut type suspension kits.

Original Springs

High quality original springs are used on all of our suspension kits. A special coating gives extra protection against any corrosion caused by the every day driving. Cheaper brand suspension come with poor quality springs, rates that are not accurate to what is advertised, and they often make up for poor shock design with overly high spring rates.

Bracket Adjustable

Buddy Club has eliminated the need for helper springs by using the adjustable bracket system. A super low ride-height is possible without having any free play of the springs. One complete turn of the adjusting bracket will lower the ride-height approximately 2mm. The shell case finish is an off black coating to prevent corrosion and offer a high quality feel.