Buddy Club Front Racing Spec Big Brake Kit (12-15 Civic)

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Buddy Club Racing Spec Break System is made by aluminum monoblock casting, it includes 6, 4, and 2 piston. Buddy Club produced this system with the highest technology. The main reason to develop this brand new system is to achieve the highest standard of breaking techonology. Buddy Club provides the customer with precise breaking control, decrease the noise of the brake, shorten the breaking distance and reduce breaking failure.

Whether clients use this system for daily driving or track athletics, Buddy Club's braking system can play and provide the most advanced driving preformance and operation. Buddy Club's brake disc use a patented ventilation system, not only providing excellent braking and cooling capacity, but its also more rapidly gets rid of dust and exhaust hot air outside of the brake system.

  • Calliber Color Red
  • Vented and Grooved Brake Rotors
  • Billet Alloy Brackets
  • Brake Lines
  • Handed Discs for Maximum Ventilation