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BLOX Racing

Blox Racing High Compression Exhaust Valves (00-09 S2000)


Blox Racing High Compression Exhaust Valves (00-09 S2000)

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BLOX Racing one-piece valves are forged out of EV8 stainless steel for maximum strength and reliability. Each valve then undergoes a hardening treatment using black nitride, which provides a more durable and smoother surface compared to chrome coatings.

Black nitride provides the valve head with superior protection against wear and corrosion and greatly reduces the amount of friction between the valve stem and guide. The less friction produced the more power gained! BLOX Racing valves are specially designed to increase intake and exhaust airflow through the cylinder head.

BLOX Racing high compression valves increase compression by approximately 0.3 points. For best results, use with BLOX Racing valve springs and Ti retainers.

BLOX Racing also offers intake or exhaust valve sets separately. Each set includes (8)

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