AVO Sport Filter Kit w/Airbox Kit NA SETUP - Special Order (13-19 86/BRZ/FRS)

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The AVO Cold Air Induction Kit for the BRZ, FR-S, and GT86 is a full kit that routes air from the front bumper area. This is where the coolest air is available, especially when in motion.


It uses our famous Dry Film air filter that is washable.


It is truly simple to install on your own, and is a good, cheap power-adder that works well with stock or modified setups. If you are seeking maximum power, this is the way to flow.

This has been designed specifically for use with the AVO Turbocharger Kit for the BRZ and FR-S/GT86, and includes a carbon fiber air box lid.

  • 2013-2017 Subaru BRZ Limited H4.1998cc Air Intake Systems::Air Boxes
  • 2013-2017 Subaru BRZ Premium H4.1998cc Air Intake Systems::Air Boxes
  • 2015 Subaru BRZ Series.Blue H4.1998cc Air Intake Systems::Air Boxes
  • 2016 Subaru BRZ Series.HyperBlue H4.1998cc Air Intake Systems::Air Boxess