AiM Sports Solo 2/Solo 2 DL Suction Mount

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RAM Windshield Suction Mount for AiM SOLO Timers

Among the great advantages to the AiM Solo family of GPS lap timers is that, unlike other timers, you don't have to connect any wires to use it. That makes it ideal for use in daily-driven track-day cars (or for moving from one car to another). The RAM windshield mount lets you to mount your Solo/Solo DL to your windshield quickly and securely. Installation is as easy as pushing a lever; removal is as easy as lifting the lever! Two pivoting ball joints allow a wide range of adjustment. Two 6mm screw holes match the holes in the standard mounting plate included with your AiM Solo or SoloDL.

There's no better, more convenient way to mount your AiM Solo/DL!